Monday, August 10, 2009

Exhibitions and shows

Upcomeing events for Blue and Gold Models include;
Caulfeild 22-23 Aug at
Lilydale 12-13 Sept at
Healesville 19-20 Sept at
Healesville March 2010 info coming soon.
Having quit work last week, I can now devote some more time to making models before the AMRA, Lilydale and Healesville shows and then I need to find another job to put food on the table before I starve.
More info soon.

1 comment:

comtrain said...

I know juggling a full time job with your "love" job and living a life makes you time defficient :o)
And I know you are going to groan loudly at what I am going to say.
But you really must upload some pictures of your stuff. That series of pictures for the Goods Shed is amazing. And hopefully I will get one from you at Collingwood at Easter.
However as shops have no stocks, it is not good enough that we see you have a modern VR brick station, but do not know if it will suit Wodonga or Wangaratta, the two brick stations I need on my layout, as an example.
Its been a long time since you posted, hope all is ok, and we will see something soon.