Monday, August 10, 2009

Exhibitions and shows

Upcomeing events for Blue and Gold Models include;
Caulfeild 22-23 Aug at
Lilydale 12-13 Sept at
Healesville 19-20 Sept at
Healesville March 2010 info coming soon.
Having quit work last week, I can now devote some more time to making models before the AMRA, Lilydale and Healesville shows and then I need to find another job to put food on the table before I starve.
More info soon.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Life after Hobson's Bay

I now have the brass queen posts for the CW Vans and will start filling all the back orders I have ASAP, I also have bogies for the PL Cars which I will be releasing at Waverley's exhibition over the Queens Birthday week end.
I have also organized to get the S car bogies from Powerline which means I can release the CS Vans around the end of April.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

VR 50' Goods Shed

My webmaster has spent most of his spare time recently building a new layout and hasn't been working on my website. That's okay, he's only got 8 weeks until Healesville. He has also been trying to recover part of my harddisk that had a virus that tried to wipe out about 5000 train photo's among other things. I offered to build a goods shed for the layout as compensation for the hours (about 30 hrs to recover 11Gb, 1 file at a time). So here is one of my sheds I have built and painted over the last couple of days while I'm still on holidays.