Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More bogie photo's

I have been asked to show the difference between my bogie and a BGM bogie, compare the two for quality and detail.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

This is wheely good news

New brass bogies.
Over the last 3 months "Trainbuilder" and "Blue and Gold Models" have been working on a reliable supply of bogies for a number of my kits, namely the PL Cars and the V Cars.
The pilot model arrived in Melbourne last week and I'm happy to say that they are beautiful and run smoothly.
Complete with brake rigging, 8 brake shoes, RP88 wheels and "VR" embossed on all axlebox cheek plates.
Each wheel is indivually sprung as per "Trainbuilder" standards.
Compare the new bogie on the left with the BGM one on the right.

Sleeper Loads for SEM QR's

Sleeper loads for SEM QR's.
And around the layout.

3 different sizes, full pack, 3/4 pack and 1/2 pack.

Available from the Blue and Gold Models Stand at the Hobson's Bay Exhibition, April 23-24 2011.